For our Sisters/Eugene Course locations see: [Map].  We invite you to attend any of the TSWCA-WMWildland Fire training courses we offer below. Students must have the appropriate prerequisites to attend certain courses.  All our training courses are Facilitated through the requirements of our PNWCG MOU & provided by certified instructors.  After you register print the confirmation page for your record.  Payment for courses are due the first day of class.  Also, please bring two pieces of Identification with you to class (i.e., social security card, government issued picture ID, military ID, etc.) so that we may verify who you are prior to class and/or the Fitness Capacity Test.  We will also need to take your photograph for your Incident Qualification Card (Red card).  Class Schedule.

 NOTE:  I-BPA / EERA Vendors

If your company needs this training, we can still do it (with advanced notice) at your location.  Call Dan Boettner at 541-815-2030 to schedule a class at your location [min. of 5 students].   All payments collected on first day of class.