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The following classes are sponsored by Three Sisters Wildfire Contractors Association (TSWCA) and will be held in Sisters, Oregon unless otherwise stated. All fire classes sponsored by TSWCA meet or exceed NWCG standards. Upon successful course completion, students will receive Certificates of Completion from certified trainers of TSWCA.  Click here to download the [2019 Class Schedule]

The Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordination Group (PNWCG) has entered into memorandums of understanding (MOU’s) with representatives of two groups of training providers.  The groups are firefighter contractor associations and public education providers.  TSWCA is a firefighter contractor association with a valid MOU.  To view valid associations and public education providers click [Valid MOU’s]     

2020 Wildland Courses Descriptions

PMS 411:   [Register ]

Fire Shelter only training is  No longer accepted by the Agency for I-BPA / EERA vendors. Incident Support Personnel are now required to take the FULL RT-130 Annual Refresher class.  We are currently holding FIVE (5) RT-130 classes in Sisters.   With advanced notice, TSWCA can also provide this training at your location [min. 5 students].  Call 541-815-2030 to schedule a class or register for one of our RT-130 classes.

I-200: ICS Basic:   [Course Description] [Register ]
Training Date(s):  None Scheduled at this time.
COST:  $150 per person
This course introduces students to the principles of the Incident Command System (ICS) associated with incident-related performance.  Topics includeleadership and management delegation of authority and management by objectives, functional areas and positions, briefings, organizational flexibility, transitions and transfers.   

L-280 Followership to Leadership:   [Course Description] [Register]
Training Date(s):  None Scheduled at this time.
COST:  $175 per person
This course is designed as a self-assessment opportunity for individuals preparing to step into a leadership role.  The course combines one day of classroom instruction followed by a second day in the field with students working through a series of problems solving events in small teams (Field Leadership Assessment Course)  Topics includeleadership values and principles, transition challenges for new leaders, situational leadership, team cohesion factors, ethical decision-making and after action review topics.   

S-130/S-190 Basic Firefighter II  [Course Description S-130 ] [S-190] [Register]

Training Date(s): MAR 25-29 [Sisters, OR], MAY 06-10 [Sisters], JUN 17-21 [Sisters]
Cost:  $225 per person
Course includes S-130 Firefighter training, S-190 Introduction to Fire Behavior, and L-280 Human Factors. Fire Shelter as required prior to certification as an entry-level Firefighter (FFT2) under the wildland qualification System.
Field exercise requires boots and leather gloves. 

RT-130: Annual Refresher Course   [Course Description] [Register]
Training Date(s):   FEB 23 [Sisters, OR], MAR 23 [Sisters, OR]  APR 27 [Sisters, OR], MAY 25 [Sisters, OR], JUN 29 [Sisters, OR] 

COST:  $60 per person
Refresh skills in applying the risk management process and rules of engagement to recognize and mitigate hazards in their work environment.  Updates on current issues and fire shelter  deployment practice.

S-131:  Advanced Fire Fighter Training   [Course Description] [Register ]
Training Date(s):  None Scheduled at this time.
Cost:  $175 per person
Additional instruction at the Advanced Firefighter/Squad Boss (FFT1) level including training on tactics and safety. This course is designed to be interactive containing several exercises designed to facilitate group discussion.  Also includes S-133.

Prerequisite: FFT2 Qualified plus 1 year of actual field experience

S-211: Portable Pumps and Water Use   [Course Description] [Register ]

Training Date(s):  JUN 04-06 [Sisters, OR]
COST: $240
per person
Portable Pumps and Water Use, S-211, is an instructor-led course intended to be presented at the local level. The course consists of three skill areas: supply, delivery, and application of water. Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of correct water use, basic hydraulics, and equipment care. The field exercise requires set up, operation, and maintenance of pump equipment. To receive credit for this course, students must have field work observed and approved, and take a closed book written
final examination.

Prerequisite:  None   Suggested: 1 year actual field experience 

S-212: Wildfire Power Saws [Course Description] [Register ]

Training Date(s):  MAY 13-15 [Sisters, OR] – includes field evaluation following completion of classroom portion of training.
COST: $250 per person
Wildland Fire Chain Saws, S-212, is an instructor-led course intended to be presented at the local level.  The course lessons provide introduction to the function, maintenance and use of internal combustion engine powered chain saws, and their tactical wildland fire application.  Field exercises support entry level training for firefighters with little or no previous experience in operating a chain saw, providing hands-on cutting experience in surroundings similar to fireline situations. 

Chainsaw, Gloves, Boots, Hard Hat, Safety Goggles and Chaps shall be furnished by student

Prerequisite:  Qualified FFT2, current certification in Basic First Aid and CPR.

S-215: Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface [Course Description] [Register ]

Training Date(s):  MAY 28-30 [Sisters, OR]

COST: $240 per person

This is an instructor-led course intended to be presented at the local level. Instructional units include firefighter safety in the urban interface, managing human factors in the urban interface, pre-incident planning, size-up and initial strategy, structure triage, structure protection overview, tactics in the urban interface, tactical operations and resource use in the urban interface, action assessment, plan update, and after action review.

Prerequisite: FFT1 Qualified

S-230: Crew Boss (Single Resource) [Course Description] [Register ]

Training Date(s):  MAY 07-09 [EUGENE, OR]

COST: $240 per person

This is a classroom course designed to produce student proficiency in the performance of duties associated with the single resource boss position from initial dispatch through demobilization to the home unit.  Topics include:  operational leadership, preparation and mobilization, assignment preparation, risk management, entrapment avoidance, safety and tactics, offline duties, demobilization, and post incident responsibilities. 

Prerequisite:  Qualified FFT1, successful completion of S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire

S-270: Basic Air Operations [Course Description] [Register]

Training Date(s): None Scheduled at this time.

COST: $175 per person

This course covers aircraft types and capabilities, aviation management and safety for flying in and working with agency aircraft, tactical and logistical uses of aircraft, and requirements for helicopter take-off and landing areas.  Note: The regulations, procedures and policies addressed in this course are primarily those governing federal agency and ICS operations.  State, county, or other political subdivisions using this course will need to consult their agency having jurisdiction with respect to regulations, procedures and

Prerequisite:  None.   Suggested: 1 year of actual field experience

S-290: Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior [Course Description] [Register ]

Training Date(s):  APR 30 – MAY 03 [Eugene, OR]

COST: $250 per person

This is a classroom-based course designed to prepare the prospective supervisor to undertake safe and effective fire management operations.  It is the second course in a series that collectively serves to develop fire behavior prediction knowledge and skills.

Prerequisite:  S-190:  Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

S-330: Task Force/Strike Team Leader [Register ]

Training Date(s):  Non Scheduled at this time.

COST: $210 per person

This course is designed to meet the training requirements outlined in the Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide and the Position Task Books [PTB] developed for the positions of Task Force Leader and Strike Team Leader.

Prerequisite:  Qualifed as ANY Single Resource Boss – Student shall bring their IRPG’s and Fireline Handbook to class.